Carling Ice Lager

5.5% alc./vol., 473 ml can
Molson Coors Canada –
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DSCF2143[1]Another Canadian Carling, this time of the “ice” variety as denoted by the black can.  It’s pretty similar to the lager can, which is blue, so if you really care what you’re drinking, choose carefully.  I’ll preface any beer review with the disclaimer that real summer weather arrived today, and all beer should taste good right about now.  Also, work is getting very hectic, and that should make the beer taste even better.  Of course, this is just like saying that a mosquito bite is great because it’s fun to scratch.  A beer is brewed to be enjoyed on its own terms, not just as medicine against heat or stress.  These things will cloud your judgement, and when you really need a drink you’re no judge of what’s a good drink.  I’m running out of space, so no comparisons to dating will be drawn today.  Mmm, yes, while this not the tastiest beer of the week, it could be the most welcome.  (I think I preferred the lager, though.)

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