Affligem Blonde Ale

6.8% alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
N.V. Br. Alken-Maes S.A. –
Waarloos, Belgium


You have to appreciate the work that Belgian monks did in establishing breweries in their abbeys.   Of course, many Belgian beers just use this as a branding.  Here’s one that once came from an actual abbey.  Monks brewed beer as a way to provide a nutritious beverage to their heard-working neighbours, but also as a great fundraiser.  I’m sure this is much more profitable than a rummage sale.  Today, there are very few beers brewed in abbeys…although Affligem is an “abbey ale”, this is just an indication of the style of beer.  If you track down a picture of the brewery on their web site, it’s a factory like any other brewer and not an abbey at all.  Affligem has a really great balanced beer flavour and creamy texture, so hooray for that.  It’s clear indicating that it’s been filtered, and based on that you can guess at its factory provenance.  Most people I know drink based on branding rather than flavour, but these guys have a good authentic flavour and a good seemingly-authentic brand.

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