Nickel Brook Gluten Free Beer

5.8% alc./vol., 473 ml can
Better Bitters Brewing Co. –
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

DSCF2141I happened to have another gluten-free beer in my fridge, so here we go, head to head (pun intended).  This beer is darker and a bit more like “real” beer to the eye.  I was curious about that and read the ingredients:  instead of rice starch providing “flavourless” sugar, they have added pear juice and Demerara  sugar.  For those who don’t know, Demerara  sugar is a golden sugar used to make rum.  You can smell and taste the fruit pretty easily.  The sugar does kind of help the lack of malt flavour, and they’ve hopped it up a bit more to compensate for the sweetness.  So, if I develop celiac disease, which gluten free beer is for me?  I like a full flavoured beer, and this one from Nickel Brook gets my vote.  If you’re more of a Coors Light type of drinker who likes their beers to only suggest the taste of a beer, you’ll prefer New Grist.  But if you don’t like the taste of a beer, why are you drinking a beer?  And if you don’t have celiac disease, better go back to actual beer because this is “close, but no cigar”.

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2 Responses to Nickel Brook Gluten Free Beer

  1. John says:

    I tasted Tiger larger beer for the first time today. I loved it. It is the closest to the Banks Beer of Demerara, Guyana; my favorite. As a teenager in Georgetown, Demerara, or New Amsterdam, Berbice, Guyana, no weekend was ever complete without a Banks beer and “Chinese Food.” Banks was/is made by D’Agaure’s Imperial House, DIH.
    Thanks for the gluten free information.

  2. JRW says:

    I’m a big fan of Guyanese rum…in fact, I still have most of a bottle of El Dorado because I’ve been drinking so much beer lately. I’ve seen Banks for sale, but I haven’t picked it up yet and I’m not sure which Banks it is. Cheers!

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