New Grist Gluten-Free Beer and Le Festibière de Gatineau

5.7% alc./vol., 355 ml bottle
Lakefront Brewery, Inc. –
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

DSCF2140If it’s brewed from grain, it’s a “beer”.  Sorghum is a kind of tropical grass that grows in harsh climates and produces a grain that can be used to make flour.  Rice?  Well, I hope you know what rice is.  Together, they produce this gluten-free beer from Wisconsin.  It pretty much tastes like a beer, too, although it’s lacking in the malt flavours that you’d expect in a beer.  This is perfect for someone with celiac disease.  I would say more about that but the symptoms are kind of gross.

I’m drinking from the souvenir tasting glass I picked up at Le Festibière de Gatineau earlier today.  It’s an outdoor event at a park that’s inconveniently located, meaning I had to drive and avoid drinking every possible beer available from the Québec microbrewers.  And now, some highlights!  My first beer was Stout à l’orange from La Barberie, a rare flavoured stout that was a bit sweet.  The Ginger (flavoured) beer from Microbrasserie du Lièvre was refreshing, but I preferred their dark honey brown and its nutty flavour.  Le Grimoire had a bit too much maple flavour in Desérables, but their Vie de château with rum undertones was my favourite of the day.  The most unusual flavour of the day was something called Saison Votisperifery from the Broue Ha Ha store, which had flavours of wild peppers in it.  DSCF2139You should avoid Folie Douce from Les Brasseurs RJ, a blueberry flavoured beer with a pink colour that indicates something artificial (find a Pump House Blueberry from Moncton if you can).  I had to line up at Le Naufrageur to try their popular Marchault cream ale (too malty) and Colborne red (preferred).  There was less of a line at Microbrasserie Charlevoix because they were already running out of beer; ended up with a Roggenbier white that was not all that white and lacking in the fruity spice I expected.  Just time for one more, so had a go at MacKroken Flower from Le Biboquet, claiming to be a Scotch ale but pouring black, sweet, and thick like a porter.  It was $12 to get in an $2 to $4 for samples, so this was not a cheaper way to sample beer.  I didn’t appreciate that they had live music pumped over loudspeakers everywhere, making it difficult to chat.  That being said, I’d go again…anyone ready to offer me a ride next year?

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