Pub Saint-Alexandre

1087, rue St-Jean, Québec, Québec, Canada
Time to first beer:  2:36

DSCF2135I was already at this pub on Tuesday night, and I liked it so much I decided to come back today and make it my official “pub of the week” which gives Friday Beer its name.  In a city where the British defeated the French, but the losing French side gets all the respect, I appreciate that this British pub is here and flies the Royal Union Flag.  Sucks that it was cold and raining, but that was my excuse for having Friday Beer mid-afternoon.  There are 26 beers on tap, and some 250 or so in the bottle.  If you can’t find a beer you like, then clearly you are lame and should be home drinking tea with your grandmother.


DSCF2136The name and label refers to a Québec folk tale of a cursed canoe of voyageurs.  Ah, but unfortunately you can’t appreciate the artwork when you get it on tap.  It’s a strong beer with a dark brown colour, somewhat malty in the mouth but with an interesting spicy finish.  For food, I figured on the French-sounding “croque-monsieur”, which is a hot open-faced sandwich.  I have had this in France, but just like my pizza experience in Italy there is no one “standard” way to prepare this dish.  Theirs came on a half-baguette (good choice) with hot ham and cheese covered with cool tomato slices.  Bite into it, and you’ll find the pickle spears and hot mustard hiding under the ham slices.  Okay, so there is no one one “standard” way, but this is possibly the best way, with delicious ingredients and a mix of cool and spicy, hot and cold.  It really sucks that Québec City has so few places to drink in the old city, but this one is so good it kind of makes up for that.  Oh crap, it’s still cold and raining!  I guess I’m ready to head back to Ottawa, where it’s also cold and raining but at least it’s home.

Next Week:  The Prescott

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