Innis & Gunn Blonde Lightly Oaked Beer

6% alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
Innis & Gunn Ltd. –
Edinburgh, Scotland

DSCF2080If you’re reading this and it’s more than a couple of days from now, you probably have already forgotten that some old evangelist predicted that the end of the world would start today.  It really seemed to capture people’s attention.  Today, the rapture, all the good people were to be taken up into the sky to be with Christ.  I’m still here, but that’s not a good indicator one way or the other.  With the world the way it is, I’d be surprised if enough people would be taken up for anyone to notice the rapture had happened.  You know, heaven probably lacks all the things we’ve invented to make life bearable, like this beer for example.  Another oaky beer from the Scottish brothers, but less so and a bit sweeter.  This means I like it slightly less, but I sure like it.  To all my friends and friend substitutes who have asked whether I give each beer a score, I’m going to depart from tradition and give this one an eight.  I have not yet decided what the maximum score is.

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