Crest Super Premium Lager

10% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Wells and Young’s Brewing Company –
Bedford, England

DSCF2046Crest Super is an export brand from England, which I suppose means that you can’t drink a Crest Super when you visit England.  Superior product or offshore dumping?  The brewer admits that this beer is marketed to consumers who “drink in smaller volumes but still wish to experience the strong, smooth taste of a super-strength, premium quality lager”.  This is some marketing guy’s doublespeak for “catch a buzz with less drinking”.  Since I’m a foreigner who drinks only one beer most days, I guess that makes me their target market.  It’s got a pretty strong flavour, but at 10% that is to be expected.  The flavour is pretty balanced, neither sweet nor bitter.  I bet if you took a watery Coors Light and a pumped-up Crest Super and mixed them in equal quantities, you’d end up with an average beer.  I prefer it when the brewer errs on the side of too much character, though.

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