Efes Pilsener

5% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Efes Brewery – http://www.efespilsener.com/
Istanbul, Turkey

DSCF2042Here’s a beer that actually claims to be from Turkey, unlike Tuborg which claims to be a Danish beer but is brewed in Turkey.  Say, ever wonder why a North American fowl is named after this country?  The first Europeans arriving in North America incorrectly identified the turkey as a kind of guineafowl with black feathers and featherless heads that come from Africa into Europe via…Turkey!  Oh, and as the song says, it’s Istanbul not Constantinople.  This was established as the one official name by the Turkish Postal Service Law of 1930, with a dotted capital “İ” by the way.  Before that, the city had a few common names, making it hard to deliver letters to your cousin Aykut.  There’s a couple of beer medals printed on the can, and it’s a pretty good beer.  There’s nothing to recommend it except that I like it better than Tuborg Gold.  The Turks brew a better beer when they can take credit for it.

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