The Glue Pot Pub

340 Queen St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Time to first beer:  8:12

DSCF2040Okay, let’s set the record straight.  We went to the upstairs bar, The Glue Pot Pub.  The downstairs bar at the same address features exotic dancers, but that doesn’t really fit with the typical Friday Beer purpose…a draft beer and some food.  Not that I’ve never been to a club featuring exotic dancers and not that I’d never go there again.  I felt a little guilty taking a picture of the men and the ladies enjoying a smoke outside their favourite “cabaret”.  I took the door on the left, and went to the upstairs bar.  Downstairs, I think they’d frown on me taking a picture of myself enjoying a beer in the company of scantily clad women in 4” Plexiglas platform shoes.  Instead, I was among hardcore sports fans enjoying some sort of hockey game on the big screens.

Labatt’s Blue

DSCF2041You know, I knew that someday I’d be stuck drinking a rather pedestrian beer, so I’ve been trying to order things that are a bit out of the ordinary when I can.  However, I find myself in a sports pub, and sports pub patrons have more to say about the quality of the big screen TVs than the quality of the beers they drink.  (I don’t really pay attention to sports – it’s no one I know playing the game.)  Labatt Blue was at one time and for a long time Canada’s most popular beer.  I used to order it quite often myself.  Originally called “Labatt’s Pilsner”, the blue label gave it a nickname that became the brand name.  It’s kind of bland, but it’s highly drinkable.  I decided to try one of the items marked on the menu as a “house specialty”:  a buffalo chicken wrap.  Actually, it was crunchy and also fiery hot thanks to a generous helping of jalapeno peppers.  As I downed yet another Blue to put out the flames, we realized that half a dozen big screens of hockey don’t promote conversation.  Or maybe they do when you have nothing else to say.

Next Week:  New Edinburgh Pub

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