Paddy’s Irish Red Lager

5% alc./vol., 473 ml can
Trafalgar Ales and Meads –
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

DSCF2037You have to like their motto: “We only sell what we can’t drink ourselves!”  Apparently, this sentiment was a bit too edgy when it was the tag line of an unaired beer commercial.  The quibbles?  Well, the company name says “ales and meads” and this one is a lager.  Secondly, have a look at the photo…seems kind of light orange to be called a “red”, doesn’t it?  Not being Irish myself, I don’t find the use of the ethnic slur “Paddy” to be offensive.  Perhaps it’s one of situations where someone who belongs to the group can use the word, while someone who doesn’t belong to the group must avoid the word at all costs.  I don’t seem to belong to any group that has a word for itself, so I have to be extra careful.  Hmm, just had a sip and this does not taste like an Irish red at all.  It’s kind of hoppy with a slightly stale aftertaste.  But I’m not Irish, so what do I know?

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