Faxe Premium Danish Lager

5% alc./vol., 500 ml can
Royal Unibrew A/S – http://www.faxe.com/
Faxe, Denmark

DSCF2036Another beer simply named after the place of origin.  Faxe is a pretty small place on Denmark’s largest island, Zealand.  No, that’s not the same Zealand that New Zealand is named after.  Likewise, the town has nothing to do with facsimile machines, but rather the name means “horse’s mane”.  Despite the tiny size, there’s over 1,000 years of history and therefore a couple of claims to fame.  Danish historians want you to believe that Rollo the Viking came from Faxe.  He became first Duke of Normandy in 911, and therefore he’s an ancestor of William of Normandy and all European monarchs.  In 1842, Hans Christian Andersen wrote “The Ugly Duckling” while staying in the area.  A nearby limestone quarry tells you how their spring water gets the minerality that results in this beer.  Kind of light, but it does have a distinct flavour to it that I enjoy.

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