Muskoka Pilsner Light

4% alc./vol., 473 ml can
Muskoka Cottage Brewery –
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

DSCF1957Bracebridge is a little town on the Muskoka River, about 2 hours north of Toronto.  The people of Toronto would consider this “northern” Ontario, a concept that is easily questioned by those of us who own maps and possess the most basic visual/spatial thinking skills.  Wikipedia calls it “central” Ontario…if this is central Ontario, then why is it 1800 km west to Manitoba but only 300 km east to Quebec?  I shall ask the cartographers of the University of Western Ontario, found a leisurely 2000 km drive from Ontario’s western border.  Anyways, Muskoka has a five beer taster’s pack available, complete with an imposed order from light to dark and tasting notes on the back.  Today the lightest, a light Pilsner that is “brewed to original gravity”.  This means that they don’t add any water to lighten up the beer as is a common practice.  Is it crisp and clean?  It’s certainly not rubbery and dirty.  If you want to go light, it’s a good option.

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