Golden Pheasant Lager

5% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
Hurbanovo Brewery –
Hurbanovo, Slovakia

DSCF1954That’s “Zlatý Bažant” in Slovak, but the export label has been translated into English.  I’d actually prefer the original label, even if I couldn’t quite understand it.  The beer would seem more exotic that way.  You might ask why I’m drinking a Slovakian beer when today is St. Patrick’s Day.  Well, I did stop off for a Kilkenny at the pub on the way home, but that doesn’t count as my official beer of the day.  I have a strict “no repeats” rule, and you may recall that I already had a Kilkenny as my beer of the day on February 25.  I’m surprised to see so many people out tonight dressing and acting like fools.  That sort of thing should be a weekly event, not an annual event.  Oh well, at least this bottle is green.  Tomorrow I shall be out celebrating St. Cyril’s Day, the saint who once said “So then, because I cannot drink up all the river, am I not even to take in moderation what is expedient for me?”

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