Meantime Coffee Porter

6% alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
Meantime Brewing Company –
London, England

DSCF1930Hmm, this coffee porter does not show up on the company’s web site.  Is this because their webmaster is lazy or because England is not ready for coffee beer?  It may be brewed for export only.  They have a lot of other beers listed…even two other kinds of porter.  I’d say this one has more coffee flavour than Mill Street, the Canadian coffee porter and the inventor of coffee porter as far as I know.  Problem is that when you blend two flavours, I expect to taste them both, but here I’m getting a lot more coffee than beer.  I don’t think it’s being backed by a sweet porter, so I’m getting the bitterness of the porter backed by the bitterness of black coffee.  Which do you prefer: coffee or beer?  If you’re like me, that’s a “Sophie’s Choice” and you can’t choose between your two babies.

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