Peter Devine’s

73 Clarence St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Time to first beer:  3:58

DSCF1925The Irish Village pubs keep on expanding into the neighbouring properties.  This brand new pub took over what used to be a Second Cup coffee shop, opening just 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I’ve often said that for me to try a new pub or to drink a new beer, you have to create one.  Thanks for being so obliging.  At this rate, Irish pubs will cover about four square blocks of the Byward Market by the year 2025.

Kilkenny Cream Ale

DSCF1926Once again at an Irish pub, so once again I picked an Irish beer.  It’s a dark reddish-brown beer with a much lighter flavour than a Guinness but with that same thick, creamy head on top.  Nice lightly bitter taste to it.  The menu at Peter Devine’s has a lot of fish choices, perfect for all you Catholics thinking about the coming Lenten Fridays.  I decided on a pan-roasted barramundi, a fish I’ve never tried before…it is a kind of sea bass.  The large filet was flavourful but a bit overdone, accompanied by small red potatoes that were not flavourful and a bit underdone.  No, that doesn’t make it balance out.  Across from me, June and Amy shared a “creamy curried Irish poutine” from which I snuck a few fries.  To the uninitiated, a poutine is french fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds.  This dish substituted a creamy, mild yellow curry sauce for the gravy.  It was pretty tasty but not terribly heart healthy.  The conversation then turned to the new bathrooms and the airblade-style hand dryers.  They are very energy efficient, very effective at drying hands, plus I had the added reassurance after the discussion that everyone at the table washes their hands after a trip to the WC.  Hooray for us!

Next Week:  Royal Oak (Downtown Oak)

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