Tusker Lager

4.2% alc./vol., 500 ml bottle
East African Breweries – http://www.eabl.com/
Nairobi, Kenya

DSCF1923The top of the label says “since 1922”.  One year later in 1923, George Hurst, a co-founder of the brewery, went on a hunting expedition to once again prove that man has dominion over the animals.  Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the elephants and Mr. Hurst did not return.  The fledgling beer was renamed to honour this event, but rather than memorialize George on the bottle, they decided to honour the elephant that killed him instead.  Go with a winner, right?  From that day on, their flagship beer was known as Tusker.  It contains 100% African ingredients, mostly from Kenya.  Can you taste the Aberdare Mountain water?  No, sorry, it just tastes like a pretty good but pretty standard light lager.  That tiny little diamond logo on the back label was issued by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to let you know that this brand consistently meets quality standards.  Good to know!

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