Aguila Lager

4% alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
Bavaria S.A. –
Barranquilla, Colombia

DSCF1922You ever think that you can speak Spanish, even though you can’t?  I’m having fun trying to decipher the bottle.  “La cerveza de Colombia” is an easy one.  “Refresca nuestra pasión” must mean something about “refreshing passion”, and yes, this is a very refreshing light beer.  It’s thirst-quenching but still got a bit of flavour.  “Un exceso de alcohol es perjudicial a la salud”…let’s see: “an excess of alcohol something something something…to your health.”  Well then, cheers, my Colombian amigos and amigas!  To your health!  Okay, I think I have mastered Spanish.  For further study or motivation to learn a second language, I strongly suggest you visit Las Chicas Aguila on the beer’s web site.

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