Mythos Hellenic Lager

4.7% alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
Mythos Brewery –
Thessaloniki, Greece

DSCF1921I’m used to a lot of Mediterranean suds being brewed light and crisp to be refreshing.  This one is a medium amber, kind of malty and a bit sweet, which is really not what I expected.  It’s a pleasant surprise.  Not entirely sure what makes a lager a Hellenic lager as proclaimed on the label.  Greece in Greek is “Ελλάδα”, said in English as “Hellas”.  They named themselves after their a mythological forefather named Hellen, who like all great mythological forefathers had a number of children who each sired their own branch of their people.  I always thought that it was odd that we call a country by our name for it instead of the name actually used by its people.  Now that we have stopped saying Bombay and Peking, it might be time to start calling Greece the Hellenic Republic.  Besides, when you’re in financial trouble, a name change makes it harder for creditors to find you.

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