Winterse Christoffel Bok (Bock)

7.8% alc./vol., 330 ml bottle
Brouwerij Sint Christoffel –
Roermond, The Netherlands

DSCF1903A bock is a strong beer, of that there is no doubt.  As the story goes, the monks who fast during Lent and Advent would brew a strong beer to help keep them going.  Thus, a bock such as this one packs a punch, and that story also explains the seasonal nature of bocks.  I seem to be a month ahead of Lent or a month behind Advent, but this seasonal beer was just brewed by the Dutch to get me through the long hard winter.  It’s got a rich, malty flavour with overtones of dried fruit and a bit of spice on the aftertaste.  Oh, and isn’t it interesting that the beer is pretty much the same colour as the bottle it comes in?  It’s the beer equivalent of a cup of hot cocoa.  I really should be sitting in front of a fireplace when I drink it.  Winter now sucks slightly less.

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