Dragon Stout Spitfire

10% alc./vol., 250 ml bottle
Red Stripe (Desnoes & Geddes Ltd.)
Kingston, Jamaica

DSCF1900Jamaica is a popular destination this year….here’s a second beer that came back to me from the island.  The beers are small but the kick is not.  This stout strongly resembles its porter cousins, sweet and thick and dark and full of  alcohol.  Perhaps you would have figured out on your own that this one, at 10%, is not what you might expect in a stout.  Exactly half the size with exactly twice the power means the math is easy to do.  I’m thinking this strong, sweet flavour might do better with a food match than just trying to drink it as-is…I don’t have any jerk spice handy, though.  I really find it interesting to try new tastes, and this is definitely new and interesting.  It’s too bad Steve had to miss a Friday to go buy me this beer, but it’s appreciated.  The January sun and sand were quite the sacrifice, I’m sure.

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